Our Privacy Policy

Last Updated: September 30, 2013

Privacy Commitment

Protecting privacy is important to us. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and share the information that we collect about individual visitors to the websites and mobile apps of our Marketing Partners (defined below), as well as the option available to such visitors to opt out of receiving targeted advertising. In certain parts of this privacy policy we refer to such visitors as “you”. We’ll try to make this all as clear and as simple as possible, but if you have questions, you can contact us privacy@zypmedia.com and we’ll be happy to help.

What We Do

ZypMedia provides a platform for advertisers to find inventory that suits their needs and reach consumers who may be interested in their products or services. For companies, we help get advertisements in front of Internet users who are most likely to find the advertisements interesting. For consumers, we try to place advertisements that are most the useful and interesting to them.

In order to do this, we collect and analyze information about individual consumer interests, including but not limited to geo-location. Our main source of information is from our Cookies and Tags (more on that below) on third party websites (and sometimes mobile apps). With this information, we try to understand the types of products or services that individual Internet users might find interesting so we can select the most relevant and interesting advertisements to be displayed for that person.

Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers all of the information that we collect or receive, through our Advertising Services (defined below). It does not address any information collected from the ZypMedia website.

Some Helpful Terminology

We use some words and phrases in this Privacy Policy that are unique to our business and/or unique to the online advertising industry. Here are some of the key terms that you’ll need to know to make it easier to review this Privacy Policy.

  • Marketing Partners refer to the website operators and mobile app developers that allow us to collect information about the visitors to their websites and users of their mobile apps. All of our Marketing Partners have installed ZypMedia Cookies and ZypMedia Tags (defined below) on their websites or mobile apps which allow us to collect the information.

  • Advertising Services refers broadly to the entire set of services that we provide for our advertising customers (the companies that pay us to understand consumer interests and place their advertisements), and Marketing Partners, including the collection of information about visitors to the websites and mobile apps of our Marketing Partners, the analysis of that information, the provision of that information back to our Marketing Partners, and the selection and placement of optimal advertisements based on that information.

  • Cookies are small files containing a string of characters that are sent to your computer when you visit a website. When you visit the website again, the cookie allows that website to recognize your browser. And the website that places the cookie has permission to read its contents each time you visit the website. Cookies may store user preferences and other information. You can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. Some website features or services may not function properly without cookies. ZypMedia Cookies (which can be identified by their URLs: zypmedia.com or extend.tv) are set to expire two years after they were last encountered by the browser. When a cookie expires, we no longer use the cookie to collect new information, but we may keep and continue to use the information previously collected.

  • Tags (aka pixel tags or beacons) are tiny graphics, used in conjunction with cookies to help us gather information from the websites operated by our Marketing Partners. In contrast to cookies, which are stored on a user’s computer, Tags are embedded invisibly on websites or mobile apps. When a user views a website with a ZypMedia Tag, our servers (located at zypmedia.com or extend.tv) are notified, and we are able to collect information about what the user does on the website.

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is information about an individual that would allow someone to identify that person individually and personally. We do not collect PII about anyone, including but not limited to, visitors to the websites and users of the mobile apps of our Marketing Partners.

  • Non-Personally Identifiable Information (Non-PII) refers to information about individuals that might serve to identify their computer or device or browser, but does not identify any individual person. For example, we consider the following types of information to be Non-PII: your zip code, your browser type, your Cookie ID, your mobile device identifier (MDI), web pages you may have visited, advertisements viewed or clicked on. We also consider aggregated and anonymized data to be Non-PII. Note that we may use anonymous identifiers, such as a randomly generated Cookie ID, to consolidate information that we’ve collected about you across different cookies.

Information Collection and Use

Information From our Marketing Partners

Our Marketing Partners have ZypMedia Tags installed on their websites and ZypMedia cookies that launch upon viewing of their websites. When you visit one of their websites, the Marketing Partner permits us to collect certain information about what you do on that website, such as, for example, IP address, the pages you visited, products you viewed, or browser information. None of this information is PII. We only know you as an anonymous unique identifier, such as a Cookie ID, and we associate information about your website visits with that identifier – not with your name or email address or any other PII. We use this information to determine what advertisements might be interesting to you. (To be more precise, we would predict that your identifier might belong to a person interested in such advertisements, because we don’t know who you are).

Information Sharing

Information Shared With Our Service Providers

We may hire third party service providers to work with us, in order to improve our website, or software, or the Advertising Services that we provide to our customers. These service providers sometimes will have access to the information we store about consumers but only Non-PII and only for the purpose of performing services on our behalf.

Information Shared with our Marketing Partners

The Non-PII that we receive from our Marketing Partners’ websites is sometimes shared back with the Marketing Partner that permitted us to collect the Non-PII. Thus, if one of our Marketing Partners allows us to collect information about visitors to its website or mobile app, that Marketing Partner may also ask us to send that information back to them for their own purposes.

Information Shared in Aggregated or Anonymized Form

We sometimes make our information available, in aggregated or anonymized format, to our advertising clients, business partners, and other third parties, for information analysis purposes. Aggregated and anonymized information does not contain PII.

Information Shared in a Change of Ownership

Information that we collect from our Marketing Partners is considered to be a business asset. As a result, if we go out of business or enter bankruptcy or if we are acquired as a result of a transaction (such as a merger, acquisition, or asset sale) your information may be disclosed or transferred to the third-party acquirer in connection with the transaction.

Information Disclosed for Our Protection and the Protection of Others

It is our policy to protect you from having your privacy violated through abuse of the legal system, whether by individuals, entities, or governments, and to contest claims that we believe to be invalid under applicable law. However, it is also our policy to cooperate with government and law enforcement officials and private parties where appropriate. Accordingly, we reserve the right to disclose information about you to government or law enforcement officials or private parties as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary: (i) to satisfy or comply with any applicable law, regulation, or legal process or to respond to lawful requests, including subpoenas, warrants, or court orders; (ii) to protect our property, rights, and safety and the rights, property and safety of third parties, or the public in general; and (iii) to prevent or stop activity we consider to be illegal or unethical.

How to Opt Out

If you prefer not to receive relevant advertising from our advertising customers, you can request to opt out from our services click here to see details. We will then place a cookie on your browser that identifies you as having opted out. Remember that opting out is browser-specific. So, if you have multiple browsers or multiple devices you use to access the internet, you’ll need to opt out from each device or browser.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Any information that we collect is subject to the privacy policy in effect at the time that information is collected. However, we may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make any material changes to this Privacy Policy, we’ll notify you of those changes by posting them clearly on our website, and we’ll indicate when such changes will become effective.

Other Websites

Our websites contains links to other websites, and we also collect information from other websites about their website visitors. The fact that we link to a particular website or receive information from a website or mobile app does not mean that we endorse that website, mobile app, or its privacy practices. These other websites and mobile apps have their own terms of use and privacy policies, and we would encourage you to read those terms and policies when you visit those websites and mobile apps.

Where We Keep Your Information

Your information may be kept on computers located outside of your state or country, where the privacy laws may not be as protective as those where you live. If you’re located outside the United States and choose to provide your PII to us, we may transfer your PII to the United States and process it there.

The Security of Your Information

We care about your privacy and employ measures designed to protect your information from unauthorized access. These measures may include encryption of information you provide and employment of information storage security technologies to block access from outside our network. Please be aware, however, that no method of transmitting information over the Internet or storing information is completely secure. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of any information. Additionally, in some instances our Marketing Partners or others may provide information to us in unencrypted form.

Our Policy Toward Children

Our Services are not directed to children under 13 and we do not knowingly target or collect any information from children under 13. Nor do we collect information from websites or mobile apps that are directed to children under 13. If we learn that we have collected PII of a child under 13 we delete that information as soon as possible.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please send us an email at privacy@zypmedia.com or send us a letter addressed to:

Privacy Officer
ZypMedia, Inc.
25 Taylor St.
San Francisco, CA 94102