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zypmedia target canvassing

All politics is local. Target Canvassing is a new offering that integrates ZypMedia’s proprietary local programmatic media buying platform with best-in-class political data sets to power your marketing effort for issues and candidates.

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Custom built for local advertising

zypmedia is the premier programmatic media-buying platform built with proprietary technology and efficient campaign management tools that are specially-designed to optimize performance and delivery of local advertising.

how it works


ZypCode is our proprietary technology platform which leads to low latency, very high throughput, and large-scale rapid data processing, which enable us to:

Process in excess of 400,000 bid requests per second

Identify more available advertising impressions in each local market

Rapidly filter each available impression using up to 1,588 data points

Seamlessly integrate the widest array of 3rd party and 1st party data sources

Maintain low infrastructure costs and maximize efficiency of media spend

Manage and optimize campaigns of all sizes across multiple devices

Provide full transparency and national brand level reporting


ZypCare is not a marketing buzzword or gimmick – it is our mission. We understand that you have limited marketing resources, and we appreciate the importance of each dollar spent. We also know that your time is valuable so we make the media buying process transparent and easy. We provide:

Detailed media plans including target site lists

Ability to white list / black list sites, apps and publishers

Dual track approach to campaign optimization using proprietary algorithms and local market experts

Weekly reporting with key metrics that are easy to digest

Business intelligence to better understand your customers, media spend, and brand

Additional insights and consultation available upon request


Providing local advertisers, agencies, and sales executives with cutting edge media-buying capabilities to grow your business and stay current in a rapidly changing media environment.



At ZypMedia we believe that local advertisers should have access to the same media-buying capabilities as big national and global brands.  So we have built for you a state-of-the-art programmatic media-buying platform that is specially designed to optimize performance and delivery for your local campaigns.  With access to the same digital video and display inventory, the same Big Data sources, the same advanced targeting capabilities, and the same reporting and business analytics as the big brand advertisers.

We also believe that your time and money are extremely valuable, so we made the process of buying media placement through our platform incredibly easy, and we relentlessly

strive to drive down the cost of media placement while ensuring that your ads are being seen and seen only by those people who are most likely to be your customers.

Programmatic represents a revolution in media buying, one that is more democratic through its open access to inventory, more efficient through the use of Big Data, and more transparent through the use of digital reporting.  You, the local advertiser, deserve to the be a part of this revolution and we, ZypMedia, are committed to helping you participate!


Our Team

Aman Sareen

Co-Founder & President


Ramandeep Ahuja

Co-Founder & CTO


Our Board


Mark Goldman

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, ZypMedia



Jacques Benkoski

Venture Capatilist, USVP



Rob Weisbord

COO, Sinclair Digital Group


Our Advisors


John Hadl

Angel Investor & Venture Capitalist, IA Ventures


Dean Gilbert

Dean Gilbert

Former VP, Global Head of Operations YouTube


Vince T

Vince Thompson

Former VP, Ad Sales AOL, Facebook


John H

John Hinnegan

Head of Engineering, Telenav


Matt S

Matt Shaw

Chief Revenue Officer, Airpush


Paul B

Paul Boruta

Head of Ad Products, ZEFR


Let us simplify programmatic media buying for you.



ZypMedia was built from the ground up to offer LOCAL advertisers the same state-of-the-art media-buying capabilities as big national and global brands.  Please contact us to see how we can efficiently and effectively connect you with your customers and prospects.

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