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ZypMedia is a full-stack digital advertising technology platform that combines the power of machine learning with the intelligence of human experts to specialize in local-focused advertising.

Our innovative, intelligent tools enable you to bridge the audience gap between traditional and digital worlds, expand your offerings to better reach your local audience, and significantly grow your revenue. We work directly with agencies and advertisers or behind the scenes to power your offering.

We’ve helped our customers roll out in 230 U.S. markets, enabling their 2,900 sellers to offer audience-extension advertising solutions and stake a claim to the growing $50B digital share of the $150B local advertising market.

Our Story


In 2014, ZypMedia’s founders noticed that local media companies were struggling with the challenges of online advertising and looking for innovative tools to jumpstart their digital business.

With backgrounds in ad tech, high-frequency trading, and media, they were well-equipped to tackle these challenges and create a solution that would remove the barriers of scalability and cost.


Their efforts quickly expanded from an online video focus to a full-stack media platform called ZypMedia (pronounced “Zip Media”) that combines the speed of technology, the power of machine learning, and the intellect of real humans to create successful ad campaigns in today’s media landscape.

ZypMedia has grown from “two guys in a garage,” once affectionately described by the company’s seed investors, to an innovative platform that’s disrupting local advertising.

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What’s Next?

Local is our passion and we are dedicated to bringing innovative, industry-leading products to market.

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Our Leadership

Aman Sareen
Aman Sareen
Co-Founder & CEO
Ramandeep Ahuja
Ramandeep Ahuja
Co-Founder & CTO
Tiffany Flores
Tiffany Flores
SVP of Ad Operations

Our Investors

US Venture Partners
Sinclair Digital Ventures

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