We empower you with the same state-of-the-art programmatic media-buying capabilities as those being used by national and global agencies, but optimized for performance and delivery of local advertising. An advantage that will benefit you and your clients and make you stand out from the competition.

The ZypMedia Advantage

The premier programmatic platform for local advertising

Our proprietary technology platform provides a superior one-stop solution for LOCAL programmatic buying.

Premium digital inventory with extensive local reach across all devices

We have access to the widest array of premium video and display impressions across desktop, mobile and connected TVs.

State-of-the-art targeting using Big Data

We apply advanced geographic, demographic, contextual and behavioral targeting using the best 3rd party data sources, our proprietary 1st party data, and your client’s 1st party data (when available).

Dual-track approach to campaign optimization

We employ both proprietary algorithms and Analysts who are experts in local markets to manage and adjust campaigns on a daily basis.

Superior service and reporting

Working in consultation with your team, we develop detailed media plans, provide daily campaign management, and produce transparent simple-to-understand reporting that lead to actionable insights, satisfied clients and renewals.

Dedicated training

We provide specialized training to help ensure that your account and media teams stay current with the latest developments in programmatic media-buying.

Extreme flexibility

We require no contracts or campaign minimums. Each campaign offers maximum flexibility and is specifically tailored to meet your client’s objectives.


Target Canvassing™

All politics is local. Target Canvassing is a new offering that integrates ZypMedia’s proprietary local programmatic media buying platform with best-in-class political data sets to power your marketing effort for issues and candidates.

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Business Lift™

Better service your clients with full funnel digital marketing solutions using Big Data Targeting and Retargeting to drive website and in-store traffic and increase sales.


Brand Amplifier™

Empower your clients to efficiently and effectively increase brand awareness through highly targeted advertising across multiple screens – desktop, mobile and connected TV.



Standardize media buying with a single currency across TV and online.



Use look-alike modeling to identify new customers for your clients and increase sales.



Utilize our state-of-the-art programmatic media-buying platform to create a fully-managed, white-label trading desk that is optimized for performance and delivery of local advertising campaigns.

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ZypMedia was built from the ground up to offer LOCAL advertisers the same state-of-the-art media-buying capabilities as big national and global brands.  Please contact us to see how we can efficiently and effectively connect you with your customers and prospects.

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